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Get accurate readings with monitoring systems produced by TempGenius

Temperature monitoring of any microbiology laboratory, pharmacy, food preservation centers are very important to keep biological and medication products safe and secure. In absence of optimum temperature and humidity conditions, the objects or items may degrade in condition. TempGenius manufactures wifi temperature monitoring systems which can be applied in any kind of electronic gadgets like refrigerator, ovens, incubators, freezers, vaccine monitors and environmental monitors as well. Wifi monitoring systems produced by TempGenius are versatile enough to record different parameters like temperature, humidity, voltage, pressure and more.

As the name indicates, these monitoring systems are wireless and they can be connected to a smart device only with a strong wifi connection. Data is recorded automatically in the system and it also gets uploaded in the cloud storage automatically. The wifi temperature monitoring systems are enhanced with a smart communication facility. This facility helps the user to download any data recorded in the system in the smart device with which it is connected.

The products manufactured by TempGenius are designed following the latest trends in technology and its working is designed by engineers who are skilled and able in designing features for monitoring systems.

TempGenius also produces incubator monitoring systems. These are usually implemented to incubators in labs where incubation of any biological product takes place. It needs controlled temperature and moisture levels for growth of microbes or sterilization of biological products and equipments in a proper manner. The types of incubator monitoring systems produced at TempGenius are easy to use and give accurate reading of parameters detected. Moreover, it notifies any kind of abnormal reading in the concerned room or laboratory where the incubator is kept. Our monitoring systems have a lot of data storage capacity. Not only are these systems simple but they are also scalable and compliant. The products are of standard quality with good results as outcome. They are available at affordable rates in the market.