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The Importance of data Loggers in Industries


Data loggers are able to record light radiation in certain areas and thus guarantee easy control. Many products and goods can be influenced, positively or negatively, by the sun's bright light. Wireless data logger indicates when certain limits are reached. It's up to you to decide what these limits are.

You have the possibility to adjust the device according to your needs. Constant control of radiation allows you to quickly determine when there are changes at this level and react effectively to protect your products. Many data loggers are able to measure other data, such as humidity or temperature.

Applications for Your Data Logger

Data logger for museum objects sensitive to light Museum objects data logger for microclimate monitoring Display data logger for climate monitoring in the depot Deposit.

When is Recording Useful?

The utility of a light data logger depends on what you want to protect from radiation or the influence that light can have on your products. Data loggers are especially used for exhibitions, special works or archives.

If you expose, for example, works of art in a window, it may be necessary to monitor the climate in this window. In this case, it is interesting to syndicate the data logger with a temperature/humidity recorder.

This also applies to other works on display. Paintings or statues, as well as wood carvings, must be exposed under appropriate climatic conditions. Even if these conditions are met, certain factors may result in modifications, calling for the importance of the temperature alarm. The light data loggers record these changes and are also able to sound an alarm when these changes exceed certain limits. Data loggers are therefore frequently used in museums, in particular. In the production, conservation or logistics sector, however, it may also be necessary to observe the interaction between light, temperature and humidity in order to guarantee the quality of the products. A data logger for Lux values, together with other measuring devices, can be useful.

Additional devices for climate monitoring:

Data Loggers Integrated With Data Monitoring Systems

You have to keep under control different parameters in the same zone? In this case, it may not be sufficient to simply use a data logger. Using a complete data monitoring system can then be useful. This system consists of several elements. WiFi data loggers can be a very good choice because they make it easier to connect to the network.

The base is another element of the Temperature logging system; this allows the display of alarms and saves the incoming values. The system must then be equipped with the most appropriate software. It helps you evaluate results and create reports. This provides you with a point to which all the measured values ​​converge, enabling efficient and easy monitoring.

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