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 Temperature monitoring in hospitals and medicine department

Temperature monitoring is maintaining proper record of temperature variations of a specific place. Temperature monitoring in hospitals and pharmaceutical departments is critical as there are many ingredients in medications which need an exact temperature control during its production and also during its storage. As far as medication temperature is concerned, it is very important to maintain a proper temperature of medicines. Not only medicines there are many other things in hospitals which require proper temperature monitoring like blood storage, cryogenic freezers, test tube incubators, NICU wards etc. These places are so critical that even minutes of temperature variations in such places can cause some literally big problems and render the medicine unfit for biological usage. Also these departments require compliance monitoring.


Compliance monitoring means the accuracy with which these devices measure the temperature changes. Accurate and exact measurement of temperature variations is very necessary and critical in medical department. So TempGenius provides you with an accurate measuring temperature monitoring device as TempGenius uses Class A Platinum Element RTD Temperature probe. These are high quality probes that measure exact changes in temperature. These probes also have color coding in them according to its accuracy. Till now there are four accuracy classes mentioned for these probes. And these are very good quality probes.


Other than the good quality probes TempGenius also provides you an added benefit of wireless temperature monitoring. Also the maintenance and checking of these devices on such a mass level as in hospitals is difficult manually. Even if we are able to maintain it manually it will be filled with manual errors. So the equipment of TempGenius has the ability to self provide the temperature data every five minutes. This data can be accessed easily in your account from any laptop or mobile telling the exact time of non-functioning of the device.