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Portable remote temperature monitors you will love

With the power of the internet, remote temperature monitoring has taken on new meaning. With the help of internet-enabled instrumentation, remote access can be used anywhere anytime. It can be accessed any time, any where, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or wherever you have internet access. Talking about the capabilities of these devices, it has wide range of accessibility in the following applications such as monitoring the environment in a corporate warehouse or monitoring and logging the temperature, humidity, maybe even the security. Thanks to the portable sensors and stand-alone units with built in sensors, you can monitor temperature, humidity without needing anyone on-site.


A remote temperature monitoring devices are thermometers that are upgraded for the internet era. This digital thermometer can easily track ambient changes in temperature. The sensor then streams the temperature data using wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM through which you receive the data via an online service to your personal computers by cellular service to your cell phone. These indoor sensors provide constant monitoring with digital displays and are free standing for tabletop use. Also these remote temperature monitors are easy to wall mount with an integrated keyhole. These remote temperature monitors are also very helpful in monitoring and logging temperature in refrigerators.


These portable sensors are designed for easy and effective monitoring of refrigerators & freezers. With easy installation in 5 minutes and connecting it with your PC, Smart Phone, or Tablet to view sensor graphs, edit sensor settings, you can easily set email and text alerts. These sensors come with everything you need such as adhesive Velcro mounting strips, special cable routing stickers and a user name and password for your proper security. Refrigerator temperature monitoring is very important. Refrigerator & Freezer Monitoring Wireless Sensors include “thermal buffer jar” for the temperature probe to prevent false temperature alerts when the refrigerator door is opened.


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