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The Ideal Storage Methods for Vaccines

Prices for baby vaccines are quite high and range from 100 to 500 dollars. And if some of those who sell these products make it clear that they only deliver in their own city, there are others who dare to send them by courier to any city in the country, although a vaccine must be kept in special conditions with temperatures low, so as not to lose their properties.

A retrospective study is conducted during the period from 2010 to 2014 on the logistics management of vaccines at the level of the PEV antenna. The literature review complemented by the semi-structured interviews of immunization service managers and providers made it possible to evaluate vaccine management using the WHO GEV model to identify gaps.

The vaccine is released following the training of authorized veterinarians by the official veterinarian responsible for the reception, Storage Monitoring and distribution of the vaccine within the county, appointed by decision of the Executive Director of the Veterinary and Food Safety Department, Municipality, regarding the way of its transportation, storage and use, by drawing up a training report.


There is little knowledge of providers about vaccines that cannot be frozen, freezing tests and other vaccine damage. The computerized management of the data at the antenna level is correctly ensured. No evaluated criteria achieved the 80% target. The storage temperature is 70% at the antenna; the criterion for vaccine management is 65% and 67% respectively at the BCZ and CS level. The criterion for maintenance is zero at all levels.

The staff of the veterinary pharmaceutical warehouse involved in the transport of vaccines to the veterinary and food safety departments of the county and the municipality is trained by the veterinary surgeon acting as head of the veterinary pharmaceutical store or the person responsible for Remote Temperature Monitoring of the medicinal products and veterinary inspection at the place of loading of the vaccine with regard to their special handling and handling techniques; Training reports are drawn up at the end of the training. If you are looking for the best and automated sensing solutions for your monitoring needs then only prefer TempGenius for smart sensors.